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Read amazing FIP success stories of these courageous FIP cats. With FipMed treatment, these furries manage to survive the most harrowing cat disease.

Martian was only 2 months old when he was infected with FIP, so it was quite alarming to see him turn from a bouncy boy to being lethargic. It was as though he was possessed by a dark cloud. Am so glad the FipMed treatment worked cause he had a whole life ahead of him!
I’m very happy with MJ’s progress. He has now returned to his old active and playful nature. Some time ago, I noticed that his belly was getting bigger day by day. At first I thought he had gained weight. But he also gradually became weaker. He didn’t wanna play with me anymore, and had no appetite. Finally, he was diagnosed with wet peritonitis. I was so heartbroken when the vet explained to me what FIP is. He basically gave my baby a death sentence! I told the vet at the time that no matter how difficult, I would save my baby. The medicine was really effective. The vet couldn’t believe how quickly he was getting better. I appreciate you all. I hope you can keep doing good things.
Watched Doudou deteriorated badly from dry FIP… Thankfully our vet introduced this FipMed to us. He told us not to give up and we are glad we didn’t. After a few days of treatment, he began to eat and then seemed more like himself again. We are beyond grateful that Doudou is saved…

2 months ago Pancake was diagnosed with FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis), the wet effusive type. I was shocked by the existence of this disease which is just as deadly as Parvo!

GS-441524 really works. This string of numbers sounded so foreign to me when I first read about it but now I keep telling everyone of this miracle and sharing Pancake’s story.

After about a week of starting the FipMed injection, she started to have some appetite, but she was still thin. Upon the 5th week of treatment, she could walk and run albeit with a small limp.

Fast forward to the 11th week, the disease is totally gone! It’s just plain amazing

Our cat Missy would not be here without this treatment. She lost her appetite and had difficulty breathing. Her breathing
became super fast and laboured.

It was our second time dealing with FIP.. many years ago I had lost another cat to it. That’s why I am so happy that this
medicine is available today via FipMed.

Thanks to your team, I not only manage to get my hands on the treatment but your guidance and advice were so helpful along the way of recovery. Truly appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts

I got Harry from the shelter and he was probably already sick at the time. Shortly after we brought him home, his condition became worse and worse. We really didn’t think he could make it.

Eventhough he’s new to our home, but he’s still a family member. We had to try our best to save him.

Our neighbourhood vet recommended FipMed to us and yea although the medicine is costly, we’re just glad that Harry pulled through. Now he’s truly ready to start his journey with us 🙂

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